Injera Restaurant is an authentic Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine located in the heart of the historic Park Street in Alameda, CA. We combine modern ambiance with traditional spices resulting to create an amazing and flawless experience.

What does the name Injera mean? "Injera" is the national dish in Ethiopia and Eritrea; a sour-dough risen flatbread with a unique texture. It is is made with Teff, a tiny round grain that flourishes in the highlands of Ethiopia. Teff is very nutritious and contains no gluten. For our guests, we provide Teff based and barley mix Injera.

This spongy, flat, and mildly sour bread is used to grasp the various stews and salads off your plate, eliminating the need for silverware. Traditionally, pieces are hand-torn off the Injera and layered with your favorite stew for a tasty bite. Back home, it is customary to playfully create a bite to share with a date as gesture of love, care and acceptance of the person.

While we offer many traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean meat dishes, we are sensitive to the needs of our vegan customers. Using traditional recipes, we prepare many our authentic dishes that are vegan and without the use of any animal products. Our produce is always fresh and sauces will be prepared as desired.

Join us for a unique experience and incredible meal!


Prix Fixe Menu

  • Two Glasses of Any Wine


    Any Appetizer

  • Two Entrees