Phnom Penh House

Welcome to Phnom Penh House where you can get a taste of South East Asia in the Bay Area! Established in 1986, we are a family-owned and operated restaurant dedicated to providing you with excellent Cambodian cuisine in a friendly and warm atmosphere.


Prix Fixe Dinner


  • Appetizer, choice of

    Noum Om Beng (106)

    Cambodian crepe stuffed w/ pork, shrimp, coconut, & bean sprout served w/ peanut sauce.


    Spicy Papaya Salad (109)

    Shredded green papaya & carrot tossed w/ a house-made garlicky dressing.


    Noum Kreap Jean (EGG ROLLS)

    Shredded carrot, cabbage, bean thread, & black pepper rolled in a thin rice paper then deep fried.

  • Entree, choice of

    Moarn Ang Kreun (534)

    Chicken charbroiled w/ lemongrass spice served w/ pickle vegetable in Cambodian style.


    Crunchy Gren Bean w/ Tofu (853)

    Sautéed crunchy green bean w/ braised tofu, mint leaves, & a touch of house made chili sauce.


    Cha Kathiw (951)

    Pan-fried noodle w/ chili sauce, bean sprout, green onion, & egg topped w/ ground roasted peanut.

  • Dessert

    Chhet Chean

    Deep fried banana w/ vanilla ice cream.